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Karin Rosser Endorses Heather Hadwick's Campaign for Assembly District 1

Modoc - Heather Hadwick, candidate for CA State Assembly District 1, is proud to announce the endorsement of Karin Rosser, a respected community leader and Flying U Rodeo Company owner. Karin, alongside her late husband Cotton Rosser, has made remarkable contributions to the world of rodeo production. Cotton purchased the Flying U Rodeo Company after a ranch accident in 1956. For several decades, the Rosser family has run Flying U, the oldest continuing rodeo stock company in the United States.

Heather Hadwick is honored to receive the endorsement of Karin Rosser, a community leader who knows what it takes to start a business and raise a family in Northern California. Karin and Heather understand the importance of serving the community and fighting for hard-working families.

“Heather has a high moral standard and is honest. She is kind by nature and hard-working. I am confident that Heather will work hard for us in Sacramento. Heather is a farmer and local business owner who believes in family, faith, freedom, and fiscal responsibility. I am supporting Heather Hadwick’s campaign for Assembly because she will fight for the needs of Northern California.”

Since announcing her candidacy, Heather has secured key endorsements, positioning her as the front-runner in the State Assembly District 1 race. The endorsement from Karin Rosser brings more momentum to Heather’s campaign and attests to her roots in the community. With a background in farming and small business ownership, Heather is determined to be a voice for the communities of Northern California.

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