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Economy & Jobs

Heather Hadwick is a mother, local farmer, and small business owner. As someone who runs a small business, Heather has seen how Sacramento policies can be a burden for California families. She is determined to go to Sacramento to put an end to wasteful government spending, create more jobs that pay well, and boost our economy. Heather believes in supporting, not over-regulating, local small business owners and farmers.

Taxes & Cost of Living

Hard-working Northern California families are struggling to make ends meet. Sacramento politicians continue to propose additional tax hikes while inflation and the cost of living are at an all-time high. Heather will fight to suspend the gas tax and make California more affordable for middle-class families.

Farmers & Agriculture

Heather Hadwick supports hard-working farmers and the vital California agriculture industry. A local farmer, Heather understands the unique challenges farmers face. California farmers need clean and reliable water. Heather will go to Sacramento to fight for more water storage funding and to advocate for the resources farmers need to thrive for future generations.

Wildfire Prevention

Heather Hadwick is committed to effective wildfire prevention measures that prioritize our communities’ safety, safeguard our homes, and preserve Northern California. Heather believes in proactive action, including clearing overgrowth, fire mitigation funding, and education prevention programs. These steps can reduce the risk of devastating wildfires, empower our firefighters, and protect the beauty and resources that make Northern California special. 

Crime & Public Safety

Our officers are asked to do more with less. They are on the front lines daily, protecting our communities and keeping us safe. Yet, Sacramento politicians hand criminals get-out-of-jail-free cards and cut funding from law enforcement. Heather backs the blue 100%. Heather will go to Sacramento to ensure career criminals are held accountable, and our law enforcement departments have the resources they need to keep us safe. 

Reducing Homelessness

Heather Hadwick is committed to practical solutions that solve homelessness. It is unacceptable that homeless encampments can crowd our schools and neighborhoods, endangering our communities. Sacramento has failed California, passing new laws and spending more taxpayer dollars with zero results. Heather will fight to clean up our streets and enforce policies that put people in shelters, keeping our communities safe.

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