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Heather Hadwick Criticizes Public Safety Committee Liberals for Failure of SB 14

Modoc – Today, Heather Hadwick, candidate for State Assembly District 1, expressed deep disappointment in Sacramento liberals' failure of SB 14, a bill aimed at combatting human trafficking of minors. The bill, introduced by Sen. Shannon Grove, received bipartisan support with more than 30 co-authors from both parties. 

Human trafficking is an abhorrent crime that devastates families and communities. It is an issue that demands immediate attention and action. SB 14 sought to classify human trafficking of minors as a serious felony and categorize it under California's three strikes law for re-offenders. 

Heather Hadwick, a mother of two, believes that the failure of SB 14 is a disheartening setback in the fight against human trafficking. As a candidate for State Assembly, she pledges to make the protection of our children from exploitation and abuse a top priority.

"It is deeply concerning that liberals on the Public Safety committee have failed to recognize the urgency and significance of combating human trafficking," said Heather Hadwick. "SB 14 was a bipartisan effort to protect our children and hold traffickers accountable for their despicable crimes. The blocking of this crucial legislation sends a chilling message to victims and their families that their suffering and pain are not a priority."

Heather Hadwick believes the safety and well-being of our most vulnerable citizens should come before partisan politics. Heather is committed to protecting vulnerable communities, victims, and their families. 

To learn more about Heather Hadwick and her campaign, please visit



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