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California Assembly District 1

Heather Hadwick

Endorsed by Leaders We Trust


CA State Assemblymember Megan Dahle 


CA State Senator

Brian Dahle


California Professional Firefighters


Laurie Davies

Heather's Commitment 

Heather wears many hats - she's a farmer, runs a small business, and balances it all as a wife and mother of two. She's now ready to represent District 1 in Sacramento. Heather's main goal is to make life more affordable for the middle-class families in California. To do this, she plans to advocate for the suspension of the gas tax, take measures to stop wildfires from wreaking havoc in our communities, and create opportunities for better-paying jobs.

About Heather

Heather's hometown is Dorris, a small town in Siskiyou County, where she met her high school sweetheart, Bryon. In 2003, they tied the knot and now have two sons named Sam and Zack. Together, they operate a family farm situated in Modoc County, where they grow hay, vegetables, and pumpkins, and raise highland cattle. Their farm is also home to the only Pumpkin Patch in the county, which they host during the autumn season. As a farmer and business owner, Heather has firsthand experience of how Sacramento's policies are adversely affecting California's families and small businesses.


Join our mission to support Heather Hadwick's campaign for Sacramento and help mend our broken state. Heather is committed to representing Northern California, not the interests of lobbyists or special interest groups. By contributing today, you can be a part of the change that will preserve our great state.


Heather grew up in Dorris, a small town in Siskiyou County. She and her high school sweetheart Bryon manage their family farm together. Heather has experience owning a local newspaper and understands the challenges that come with running a small business. She believes that the state should do more to support small businesses and create better-paying jobs.

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